EPIC Medical Clinic

The EPIC Medical Clinic provides basic primary medical care in internal medicine, family practice, general pediatrics and adolescent medicine.

NOTE: This service is ONLY reserved for people who do not have any kind of Health Insurance and who cannot afford to see a doctor.

Address: 1360 Star Court, Suite T-2, Plano, TX 75074

Medical Clinic is held every Saturday of the Month
from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Note: There is NO CLINIC on the 5th Saturday.

To make an appointment please call (972) 836-6401. No walk-ins allowed.

EPIC Medical Clinic Team

DOCTORS: Dr. Saniya Naheed, Dr. Nabila Zaidi, Dr. Tariq Vora, Dr. Nayyar Syed

Administrative Staff

  • Shehzad Ali - Team Lead
  • Amer Syed - Supervisor
  • Imran Bhatti - IT Lead
  • Amber Bhatti - Medical Assistant Lead
  • Ali Sawani - Medical Assitant
  • Khadijah Saifullah - Medical Assistant
  • Aaminah Farooq - Medical Assistant
  • Sumaiya Irfan - Medical Assistant
  • Ana Madani - Medical Assistant
  • Kanwal Hamid - Medical Assistant
  • Kainat Hamid - Medical Assistant
  • Sameen Isa - Medical Assistant
  • Samya Isa - Medical Assistant
  • Hana Ishaq - Medical Assistant
In order to volunteer for the Medical Clinic you MUST be HIPAA certified and 16 or older